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Core Lab Group Fall 2019
Left to right: Stephen Engel, Karen Navarro, Katherine Tegillus, Yanjun Li, Xinyu Liu (click image to enlarge)

Core Lab Members

Stephen Engel

Professor, Primary Investigator (PI)

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My research is on brain plasticity and visual perception. It's a great time to be doing this work, with new technologies allowing us to address age old questions such as:  How much can experience change what the world looks like to us? What sets the limits on this plasticity? Can we use it to help with visual disorders? 

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Katherine Tregillus

Post Doctorate Researcher

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I’m a recent postdoc in the Engel lab. My research interests involve long-term adaptation and neural plasticity of the visual system. More specifically, I am interested in the mechanisms underlying the way that sensory neurons readjust to environmental or physiological changes over long periods of time. My work has largely focused on long-term adaptation to color.

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Liz Fast

Graduate Student


Xinyu Liu

PhD Candidate, Psychology

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Karen Navarro

PhD Candidate, Psychology

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I am currently developing an experiment that investigates long-term adaptation effects on monocular suppression using our augmented reality equipment. I am interested in investigating how neural plasticity influences low-level vision like age-related macular degeneration.  

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Yanjun Li

PhD Candidate, Psychology

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My current project explores long-term color adaptation. What does the world look like with red glasses on? Will the world look "normal" with glasses on after long-term adaptation? We ask participants to wear intense red glasses for 5 days, 1 hr on, 1 hr off a total of 5 times each day. We test twice daily using unique yellow settings. We want to know if the visual system learn to adapt back and forth depending on its color environment.

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Undergraduate Students
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