Core Lab Members

Stephen Engel

Professor, Primary Investigator (PI)

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My research is on brain plasticity and visual perception. It's a great time to be doing this work, with new technologies allowing us to address age old questions such as:  How much can experience change what the world looks like to us? What sets the limits on this plasticity? Can we use it to help with visual disorders? 

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Samantha Montoya

Graduate Student

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Samantha (Sam) studies the visual system, with a particular interest in populations who experience altered visual perception. Her work includes studying visual processing and perception in people with psychosis spectrum disorders and a condition called Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS). VSS is a condition where people continually experience flickering specks, like TV static, across their visual field.

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Colin Flowers

Post-doctoral Scholar

I study how people with low vision read and how it can be aided using gaze-contingent spatial remapping of letters and words. I have also broadly studied visual perception and attention using different psychophysical paradigms.


Sean (Shuchen) Liu

Graduate Student

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My interest is in understanding human visual plasticity, especially how the visual system achieves stability in a dynamic environment, through a multidisciplinary approach.

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Shaozhi Nie

Graduate Student


I study the neural representations underlying perception and perceptual decision making.


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Arda Fidanci

Graduate Student


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My research focuses on understanding how visual impairments, such as Age-related Macular Degeneration, affect the way visual information is processed and how the visual system adapts to impaired vision.

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